Yoga for School Teachers – Urban Retreat Workshops

Loup Yoga’s second month in action saw two workshop days for school teachers come to life.

‘Louise’s teachings were so attentive and provided a range of options to support or challenge us. The food was utterly delicious and presented beautifully.’

We were lucky enough to have 20 school teachers, who were able to unwind after a hectic school year.

‘A wonderful first experience, I’m sure it won’t be my last. Thank you for introducing me to a new way to unwind.’ 

The workshops began with a vinyasa flow class, followed by a vegetarian lunch. The atmosphere and energy shared amongst the teachers was fantastic to see. When you’ve given so much energy for so long, having a day of strong yet deeply restorative yoga and nutritious, nourishing food seemed very welcome!

After 2 hours of indulging in plenty of delicious food, the teachers had an afternoon of deep relaxation ahead.

‘The whole day was beautifully thought out and prepared. I feel I had both a workout and a chance to really unwind.’

Moving from a place of active and energising ‘yang’ style yoga, we spent the afternoon back at the studio for meditation and a long cosy restorative/yin session. Practising meditation and yin brings the central nervous system into equilibrium – transitioning from a place of active alertness, to rest and digest.

‘Thank you so much, I am well and truly a yoga convert and I can’t wait to do this again.’

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Thank you to all those that came to our retreat days for school teachers. We hope you enjoyed it!

See you next time. LY x

‘Please do more! Such a fabulous way to spend the day.’




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