f l e x & f e r m e n t


Join Louise and Nicola for an awesome collaboration, bringing together a love for kimchi and connectivity. We bring you two very different companies with one shared goal – to create healthy bodies and healthy minds.

This workshop is run by Loup Yoga, founded by Louise and The Urban Fermentary, founded by Nicola. We want to give you a day of health and happiness so you leave having learnt new things, tried new foods, stretched out the body and calmed the mind.

Guests will arrive at 10:00am to a welcome drink… homemade Kombucha, obviously. You’ll have time to set up your mat and meet Nicola and Louise.

At 10:30 we’ll get started with the fermentation demonstration. You’ll get a full lesson in making your own kimchi, including different ferments and of course, having loads of tasters! You’ll get your own Urban Fermentary Kimchi to take away with you.

At 11:30 we’ll get onto the mat for 75 minutes of yoga. The class will be ‘Yang+Yin’. We will move from a strong 45 minute practice to get you sweaty – allowing your body to detoxify – before spending the last 30 minutes in a calmer, stiller practice to allow your bodies to settle and move into the healing ‘rest and digest’ state. The body stops to chill, moving out of the sympathetic nervous system (‘fight or flight’ mode) and into the parasympathetic (the exact opposite -relaxes the body and inhibits or slows many high energy functions).

After your fermentation demonstration and yoga session, we’ll settle into a delicious fermented brunch, made by The Urban Fermentary.

Happy Body, Happy Gut = Happy Mind!

What you need to know:

Time – 10:00 – 13:30. Date – 14th April 2018. Venue – St Cuthbert’s Centre, 51 Philbeach Gardens, Earl’s Court, SW5 9EB. Price – £39. Please bring a mat.

To book your ticket, click here.

We would love to see you there! N & L x


About The Urban Fermentery

The Urban Fermentery, a London based, artisan, fermentation house producing Kimchis and hot sauces. We make our Kimchi with love for nature, the planet and the body and our aim is to make beautiful probiotic foods, produced with traditional fermentation techniques. We believe the vitality of body begins in your gut. We are passionate about gut health and the link between a healthy microbiome and a healthy mind.

About Nicola


My love of food and health began whilst I was at high school and has since never wavered. Post school I studied Food Science and Nutrition and upon completion I found myself cooking commercially with my own catering company in Perth. Desiring more, I accepted a job in the North West of Australia on the mines and sadly I saw my health take a significant turn with the changes in diet and lifestyle.

In a bid to restore my health, my interest in food production, nutritional profile and holistic nutrition was reignited. I immersed myself in these subjects to learn about the gut and microbiome, where I discovered my issues were stemming from.

The microbiome (gut bacteria) is fundamental in the final stages of digestion allowing us to breakdown proteins to amino acids to make available for neurotransmitters. It is also fundamental to immune function and protecting the body against infection and attack. I learnt through my studies that the modern diet is degrading and preventing this symbiosis of bacteria and the human body to take place.  A diet high in processed foods, consumption of antibiotics, absence of probiotic (ie fermented) foods from our diets and even meat raised on antibiotics, all degrade the microbiome and prevent it from performing optimally. Aware of this, I began to explore ways of restoring the microbiome to its optimal state. The solution was fermented foods such as kimchi, sauerkraut, kombucha which all deliver good bacteria in the form of probiotics to the gut and build a healthy microbiome


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